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    Hi all,
    I’m hoping you can help or offer an opinion on a bit of a mystery for me. I have some questions at the bottom of this post which I need answered…

    The digital Maticna Knjiga records for Parish Mace start at 1842. ( I am unable to go any earlier than 1842 :-/ . I live in Australia so I can’t physically visit the church..

    I’m performing research on my ancestry and focusing on My fathers “Habulin” line. This line lived at Veliki Komor Br.9, Parish Mace.

    The strange thing is:
    o My Father, Grandfather and Great-Grandfathers surname is Habulin. BUT,
    o my Great-Great Grandfather’s surname was “Beketic”, or “Beketich” (Not “Habulin”!) . Marci was his first name.

    Background about Marci, his wives and children, and surnames:
    o Marci (or Markus, Marcus, Marka..etc..) Beketic was born around 1809. (I estimated his birth year on the age that is shown in marriage records and death record. He was 83 years old when he died in 1892. I can’t find his actual birth record because it’s pre-1842 and not available online)
    o His fathers name was Joannes Beketic.
    o Most of the records that Marci appears in (such as marriage records for himself and birth records of his children) state that the event occurred at “Habulinovnom” (Habulin Household).
    o He had 3 Wives that I have found so far. He may have had one more but because the available records don’t go earlier than 1842 I can’t verify this.
    o Over the course of time his wives and childrens surnames transitioned from Beketic to “Beketic-Habulin” to “Habulin”
    o None of his wives had the maiden name “Habulin”. (so this doesn’t look like a domazet situation)
    * One of Marcis sons, (My Great-Grandfather) “Stjepan Habulin” was born 1870.

    • QUESTIONS: Can you help me understand/answer the following questions please?
    1) If Marci was not a “Habulin” – and if none of his wives were “Habulin” – How did he come to live in the “Habulin” household? Why was he living in the Habulin Household and marrying/having children with women that were not “Habulin’? What would be the purpose of this?
    2) Why would the wives/childrens surnames eventually all transition from “Beketic” to “Habulin”
    3) Why would Marci take the surname Habulin at death?
    4) Because Marci was born BEKETIC, would I be correct in saying that my bloodline is actually BEKETIC? And I am only “Habulin” by name, and technically not Habulin blood at all?
    5) I am desperate to find Marci Beketics birth record and place of birth (was he actually born in Veliki Komor BR9 or some other Village? I can’t check PRE-1842 Parish Mace records because they haven’t been put online. I also checked records for Pribic/Jastebarsko/Krasic (where the Beketic name is prominent) but didn’t find anything there. Does anyone here have access to pre-1842 Parish Mace records that could look him up and find a birth record, parents, his origins, and any other pre-1842 wives/marriage records?

    Appreciate any assistance you can provide.

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